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Description of the Future Project


The creators of the portal pursue three main aims: 1. creation of informational base for a widest possible range of issues connected with globalization; 2. creation of educational space (manuals, books, articles on globalization and associated questions on the web-site); creation of the discussion field and working out proposals on a row of problems, caused by globalization processes. The latter task inasmuch as the majority of web-sites, devoted to globalization, are missing an interactive element, is particularly important. Discussion of the most burning questions of the modern society, from scientific to ethical, from political to medical, arising in the course of globalization, is absolutely necessary today. A variety of existing conferences and round tables, conducted all over the world, do not allow to fulfill dynamical and constant exchange of opinions at the minimum of costs, while discussion within the frames of a web-site may make it possible to unite efforts of all interested people including the best specialists in different fields wherever they live.

The central sections of the web-site are: World of Information, History, Ecology, Economy, Elites

The World of Information implies those tendencies and processes in this or that way connected with information and informatization of the world, that is, those consequences for culture in it its broad understanding, which are caused by globalization. This section may include materials on national and religious clashes, erosion of traditional life-style, alterations of psychology and life-style of a modern man, his self-identification and outlook influenced by a variety of informational flows, on various philosophical and ethical problems, arousing in the modern world of information etc.

The most important aspect of this section is the cultural and civilizational element in globalization. In the globalizing world cultures formerly either isolated from each other, or contacting in a limited number of spheres, are rapidly coming in contact with each other. There comes a sort of a global competition between different cultural worlds (not just between countries as in old times – competition between countries is gradually decreasing in importance). The main contest, which is taking place now, is even not for resources, but for dominance in the globalization. Each of the civilizations is ready to suggest its own strategy—however, which of them will prove the most acceptable and the most viable? Everything is taken into account in this “competition”–energy of the “author” of the strategy, his patience and foresight, tolerance to other cultures, degree of attraction for the majority and minorities, intellectual potential etc. In a word, analysis of opportunities of existing civilizations, with their historical past and contemporary situation, promises to be, probably, the most important and interesting in the frames of the present project.

The section, closely associated with World of Information, is dedicated to the roots of globalization, that is to the History of Empires and contacts between civilizations, as we presume. Building of empires, the principles they were based on, to our mind, underlie those processes which today have taken the form of globalization. In globalization we see continuation of a row of tendencies, rooted in the empires of the past. Understanding of historical patterns may help to foresee consequences of certain aspects of globalization, as well as to adopt the most valuable of imperial principles. The section will include interviews, articles, lectures, fragments of books, related to the history of world empires and rethinking of their historical significance.

Taking into account that ecological problems are being brought to the forefront and on how we cope with their solution all our future will depend, this topic will be given a special attention in this web-site. The key topics of Ecology—demography, natural resources, and biodiversity. Here we will place the key books, articles, results of scientific researches and the latter news on the given questions in the monitoring regime.

Economical aspect of globalization is paid sufficient attention in plenty of other web-sites, therefore initially we are planning to place mainly references on such  basic elements of globalization as TNC (most significant of them), ICF, WTO, different interstate organizations, such as ACEAN, EU etc.

The section Elites will be devoted not only to political aspects of globalization, that is of elites of today, but to preparation of future elites, that is to the strategy in education and upbringing, both universal and specialized—up to presenting author’s curricular for schools and universities. Considering that education is the basic element of modern society, being the only condition of solution of any problems of the mankind, these issues will be given one of the central places in the web-site, along with interaction between cultures and ecological problems.

To realize the third task, that is creating a field for discussions, the portal will contain an interactive journal, renewed by our readers, or blog. However, to create posts and write commentaries, our users will have to register in the web-site.

Another important element of the portal will become a qualified Web-journal, which will publish articles and scientific studies within the whole range of the problems related to globalization. The articles for the journal will be written by specialists as well as chosen from the best blog posts.

If you have any ideas and proposals in connection with the preparing project, please send them to e-mails: schwarts@igpi.ru, igrunov@igpi.ru. We will be glad to work with all people interested in these issues and with those who would be ready to suggest any assistance in creation the portal globalization.su.

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